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A New Beginning Achievement Center331 Bridle Run      Somerset  KY 42503-5687606-383-1040172V00000X1437664901
Abner, Kelly 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8752172V00000X1942772298
Adams, Jessica 115 Rockwood Ln      Hazard  KY 41701-9415606-436-5761172V00000X1396169850
Adams, Stephanie 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1285123877
Addington, Julia 1351 Newtown Pike Bldg 1      Lexington  KY 40511-1277859-253-1686172V00000X1265900401
Adkins, Nada 115 Rockwood Ln      Hazard  KY 41701-9415606-436-5761172V00000X1184934127
Adkins, Joshua 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1831661180
Akers, Kelsea S 1351 Newtown Pike Bldg 1      Lexington  KY 40511-1277859-253-1686172V00000X1235617481
Alexander, Mrs. Kathy Pauline EDS254 Suzzanne Way      Florence  KY 41042-7924859-282-6634172V00000X1346416328
Alexander, Sharon 1795 Alysheba Way  Suite 1001    Lexington  KY 40509-2280859-412-2194101Y00000X1144629551
Allen, Miss Carletta Lynn CNA/CMT80 Frankfort Rd  Apt. 112    Shelbyville  KY 40065-8446502-232-0432172V00000X1285969378
Alsup, Kathryn 250 Alpine Dr      Shelbyville  KY 40065-8880502-589-8600172V00000X1609104322
Amburgey Teague, Debra 115 Rockwood Ln      Hazard  KY 41701-9415606-436-5761171M00000X1851696207
Anderson, Rephard 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1477025732
Anderson-watts, Tami 115 Rockwood Ln      Hazard  KY 41701-9415606-436-5796172V00000X1316256878
Armistead, Mary Elizabeth 1351 Newtown Pike Bldg 1      Lexington  KY 40511-1277859-253-1686172V00000X1710475991
Arnett, Chesi 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1346708559
Aubrey, Jennifer 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1528530888
Bacon, Leila MHA104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1770040842
Baker, Mr. Donald G Jr. HEARING INST. SPECLI130 Brett Chase  Suite B    Paducah  KY 42003-5706270-554-1900172V00000X1073943247
Baker, Mrs. Hayley Mansur 1351 Newtown Pike Bldg 1      Lexington  KY 40511-1277859-253-1686172V00000X1093294605
Baldridge, Elizabeth 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1952873150
Banford, Alison 2210 Tucker Station Rd      Louisville  KY 40299-4525502-366-0705172V00000X1992122097
Barnett, Tammy CADC503 Washburn Ave      Louisville  KY 40222-4798502-714-3924172V00000X1609297035
Barnett, Amy 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1790269322
Bartley, Tishia 800 N Main St      Tompkinsville  KY 42167-1037270-901-5000172V00000X1407263122
Berrios, Alexander 2817 Del Rio Pl  #p5    Louisville  KY 40220-2340502-589-8600172V00000X1811232242
Bigger, Jaclyn Marie RMA1351 Newtown Pike Bldg 1      Lexington  KY 40511-1277859-253-1686172V00000X1144735754
Bishop, Tammy 115 Rockwood Ln      Hazard  KY 41701-9415606-436-5761172V00000X1780049809
Blackburn, Deni 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1831688530
Blackburn, Tami 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1215409412
Blackburn, Cristy 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-888-8572172V00000X1922565928
Blackenship, Joshua 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1255898250
Blair, Ila 115 Rockwood Ln      Hazard  KY 41701-9415606-436-5761172V00000X1376888289
Blanton, Ryan 1351 Newtown Pike      Lexington  KY 40511-1275859-253-1686172V00000X1629501184
Blanton, Blair 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1306303318
Boles, Kendra 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1184181190
Bond, Heather Dawn 264 Smiths Creek      Olive Hill  KY 41164606-475-9109172V00000X1063765857
Boswell, Alexandria M 107 Cranes Roost Ct      Elizabethtown  KY 42701775-677-2216101Y00000X1497015564
Bowles, Justin 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1417414459
Bradley, Linda Ff 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1386116580
Brazzell, Christine 8040 New Lagrange Road      Louisville  KY 40222-4764502-589-8600172V00000X1215267489
Brighter Futures Therapy Center, Llc303 Second St      Somerset  KY 42501-2390606-677-1166251C00000X1598186868
Broadbent, Jeffery 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1447717327
Broaddus, Tiffany 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1245797125
Broadus, John Douglas 1351 Newtown Pike Bldg 1      Lexington  KY 40511-1277859-253-1686172V00000X1093272080
Brown, Bradley 2817 Del Rio Pl  #p5    Louisville  KY 40220-2340502-589-8600172V00000X1932457959
Bryant, Tameria 3717 Taylorsville Rd  1st Floor    Louisville  KY 40220-1333502-589-8600172V00000X1992083349
Bryant, Crystal 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1356813554
Burchett, Joanna 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1164994364
Burton, Amy J ME280 Sweetwater Ln      Grayson  KY 41143-1748606-923-2853172V00000X1730528126
Byler, Whitney 1351 Newtown Pike Bldg 1      Lexington  KY 40511-1277859-253-1686172V00000X1962907550
Caballeros, Kimberly 2816 Del Rio Pl  Suite 5    Louisville  KY 40220-2349502-471-1309172V00000X1891103776
Calabro, William 3717 Taylorsville Rd  1st Floor    Louisville  KY 40220-1333502-589-8600172V00000X1053751776
Calloway, Shelia 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1528530730
Calvin, Tarisha 2817 Del Rio Pl  #p5    Louisville  KY 40220-2340502-589-8600172V00000X1154678209
Campbell, Rebecca 115 Rockwood Ln      Hazard  KY 41701-9415606-436-5761172V00000X1780096024
Campbell, Kristie 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1205393105
Cantrell, Randy 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1467924670
Cantrell, Tiffany 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1538631742
Carr, Charlie 380 Suwannee Trail St      Bowling Green  KY 42103-7956270-901-5000172V00000X1689081341
Carroll, Jessica 1351 Newtown Pike Bldg 1      Lexington  KY 40511-1277859-253-1686172V00000X1104329598
Carroway, Dorethea 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1437621653
Caudill, Heather 115 Rockwood Ln      Hazard  KY 41701-9415606-436-5761172V00000X1790188936
Caudill, Ashley 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1215400098
Caudill, Georgena 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1396218178
Cecil, Jessica 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1104399989
Centerstone Of Kentucky, Inc.10101 Linn Station Rd Ste 600      Louisville  KY 40223-3818502-589-8600101Y00000X1598793671
Chaffin, Erin 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1912470790
Chaffins, Jacob 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1194298984
Clark, Margaret 115 Rockwood Ln      Hazard  KY 41701-9415606-436-5761172V00000X1043505019
Click, Shad 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1558834341
Coburn, Brian 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1720551518
Coleman, Mr. Henry 3101 Winchester Ave Apt 761      Ashland  KY 41101-2076606-393-5125172V00000X1801071477
Coleman, Olivia 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1255804043
Collier, Casey 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1780157578
Collins, Sarah 115 Rockwood Ln      Hazard  KY 41701-9415606-436-5761172V00000X1629328661
Collins, Breanna 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1245703032
Collinsworth, Ashley 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1396218186
Combs, Judy 115 Rockwood Ln      Hazard  KY 41701-9415606-436-5761172V00000X1689008294
Combs, Edward Scott 115 Rockwood Ln      Hazard  KY 41701-9415606-436-5761172V00000X1386028702
Combs, Jessica 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1326505231
Community Health And Immunization Services, Llc320 Whittington Pkwy Ste 201b  Suite 200    Louisville  KY 40222-4918480-646-9031172V00000X1811385487
Conley, Breanne 115 Rockwood Ln      Hazard  KY 41701-9415606-436-5761172V00000X1750676797
Cook, Tammy 115 Rockwood Ln      Hazard  KY 41701-9415606-436-5761172V00000X1447569918
Cooley, Sabrina 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1477020840
Coots, Brandon 115 Rockwood Ln      Hazard  KY 41701-9415606-436-5761172V00000X1295034387
Cornett, Kristina 758 Stockton Rd      Wallingford  KY 41093-8650606-876-2167172V00000X1083024962
Creech, Cynthia 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1194298992
Crisp, Brittney 115 Rockwood Ln      Hazard  KY 41701-9415606-436-5761172V00000X1154630622
Crisp, Jennifer D 1351 Newtown Pike Bldg 1      Lexington  KY 40511-1277859-253-1686172V00000X1083189765
Criswell, Amanda Elise Katharine 1351 Newtown Pike Bldg 1      Lexington  KY 40511-1277859-253-1686172V00000X1962980110
Daniels, Savannah 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1366915167
Dare To Change, Llc811 S 2nd St      Louisville  KY 40203-2209502-403-5921172V00000X1063886133
Davis, Claudia 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1417420217
Davis, Kandy 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1053878991
Day, Brittany 115 Rockwood Ln      Hazard  KY 41701-9415606-436-5761172V00000X1700231545
Day, Janie 104 S Front Ave      Prestonsburg  KY 41653-1614606-886-8572172V00000X1013474956
Decapio, Brandon 1111 Us Highway 60 W      Morehead  KY 40351-6130606-783-0404172V00000X1073921086
Decker, Laken 3503 Poplar Level Rd      Louisville  KY 40213-1009502-589-8600172V00000X1639436512


1 RN- Oncology Navigator (Thoracic/Lung Program) Lexington-Fayette, United States Experience/knowledge in a community health setting or services desirable. Additional Information * Requisition ID: 2019-R0223307 * Schedule: Full-time * Shift: Day Job * Market: CHI Saint Joseph ...... Apply Now>>

2 Care Coord Inpt/RN - Edgewood - PT/PRN Edgewood, United States Assists in coordinating pre/post hospital care within SEH, providers, and community health services. * Coordinates the utilization of benefits and resources in the course of care. * Works and ...... Apply Now>>

3 Health Educator I, Somerset (Ten County Area) Somerset, KY, USA Develop and implement activities for community education such as presentation in classrooms ... Gather health information for the public relative to the specialized program. * Distribute health ...... Apply Now>>

4 KCEP Outreach Director Berea, KY, USA Issue goals range from a more adequate state budget through progressively-raised revenue to expanded health coverage and policies that improve community health; criminal justice reform to reduce ...... Apply Now>>

5 Residency Faculty Physician, Elevate your Family Medicine practice choose a Faculty position with Ba Madisonville, KY, USA Our residency program is also at the center of our expanding community health efforts. Our inpatient facility at Baptist Health Madisonville is a highly-advanced medical center, licensed at 410 beds ...... Apply Now>>

6 Associate Program Director , Elevate your Family Medicine practice choose a Faculty position with Ba Madisonville, KY, USA Our residency program is also at the center of our expanding community health efforts. Our inpatient facility at Baptist Health Madisonville is a highly-advanced medical center, licensed at 410 beds ...... Apply Now>>

7 Physician: Family Medicine Opportunity in Kentucky, Near Cincinnati | JOB-2386669 Florence, KY, USA A full-service community health center in Kentucky is planning to hire an additional family medicine physician. The incoming physician will see 22 to 24 patients per day on average. You will work a ...... Apply Now>>

8 Community Support Associate Louisville, KY, USA The Community Support Associate focuses on supporting the clinical process and achievement of the ... health and wellness, live a self-directed life, and strive to reach their full potential.... Apply Now>>

9 Health Services Clerk - Bilingual Lexington, KY, USA We are committed to ensuring the human right of accessible primary medical care through advocacy and community empowerment. We are currently seeking a Health Services Clerk. This position is located ...... Apply Now>>

10 RN - Post Anesthesia Care Unit (PACU) - Travel Contract Hazard, United States Our company was founded and is run by Healthcare Clinicians with over 30 plus years' experience in the Staffing community. We know first-hand what drives you to work with an agency partner ...... Apply Now>>

11 RN - Weekend Supervisor Louisville, United States ... Healthcare Company in the Midwest by providing exceptional, comprehensive care to seniors in our living communities. Trilogy has over 100 locations and continues to grow across IN, OH, MI and KY.... Apply Now>>

12 Nursing Clinical Educator Louisville, KY, USA Foundations in Nursing, Adult Medical-Surgical, Complex Health, Pediatrics, Women's Health, Psychiatric-Mental Health, and Community Health Nursing. This is a regular, 12-month teaching assignment ...... Apply Now>>

13 RN/School Based Clinic Nurse Specialist Coordinator Lexington, KY, USA This position assists the SBC manager in planning, implementation, coordination and evaluation of community health programs and/or clinical operations ESSENTIAL DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES 1) ...... Apply Now>>

14 RN Cardiac Cath Lab Lexington-Fayette, United States Demonstrates exceptional customer service and interacts effectively with physicians, patients, visitors, staff and the broader health care community. Requirements: A minimum of an Associate Degree in ...... Apply Now>>

15 Registered Nurses Hartford, United States Join Ohio County Hospital in providing healthcare services in a caring manner that enhances the quality of lives in our community. Our employees say, "You feel like family here." Ohio County Hospital ...... Apply Now>>

16 RN, 3E Lexington-Fayette, United States Join us and together well create healthier, stronger communities. Imagine your career at Catholic Health Initiatives! Job Responsibilities As a Registered Nurse, you will be responsible for ...... Apply Now>>

17 Interview Day - Experienced RNs (Acute Care) Louisville, United States Join us and together well create healthier, stronger communities. Imagine your career at KentuckyOne Health! Primary Location: KY > LOUISVILLE > JEWISH HOSP 200 ABRAHAM FLEXNER Job Responsibilities ...... Apply Now>>

18 Director of Major and Planned Gifts Owensboro, KY, USA ... Health Foundation as a member of the Foundation management team. Provides professional, quality customer service to donors, members, volunteers, staff and other community contacts. Job ...... Apply Now>>

19 Physician: Internal Medicine Physician for Behavioral Health Clinic in Kentucky | JOB-2546655 Louisville, KY, USA Our goal is to make a difference in the lives of our providers and the healthcare communities they serve. For inquiries about this opportunity, call Linda Jacovino directly at 800-365-8900 or email ...... Apply Now>>

20 Director of Nursing - DON - Registered Nurse - RN Louisville, United States ... Healthcare Company in the Midwest by providing exceptional, comprehensive care to seniors in our living communities. Trilogy has over 100 locations and continues to grow across IN, OH, MI and KY.... Apply Now>>

21 Clinical Manager - Labor & Delivery us ... the communities we serve. Our Clinical Manager of Labor & Delivery is an important part of life at Med Center Health, actively partnering with business leaders and individual contributors as we ...... Apply Now>>

22 Emergency Medicine (8988) Mayfield, KY, USA At Jackson Purchase Medical Center, our goal is to deliver the best healthcare available in the greater western Kentucky region as we seek to make our community healthier. Beautiful Kentucky town ...... Apply Now>>

23 Care Community Supervisor - CC Lexington, United States Leverage Your Experience as a Healthcare Supervisor & Clinician to Lead a Team of Virtual Care ... To be a good fit for the Care Community Supervisor opportunity, you also will have: * 3+ years of ...... Apply Now>>

24 Pediatrics, Pediatrician Opportunity at Middlesboro ARH Middlesboro, KY, USA The hospital provides a comprehensive array of specialty medical services and community-based care such as, but not limited to, Imaging, Orthopedics, Sleep Lab, Women?s Health, Rehabilitation Therapy ...... Apply Now>>

25 Medical Director Lexington, KY, USA Responsibilities of the Corizon Health Medical Director Serve as Chairman of the Medical Audit Committee. Consult with medical providers in the community to resolve issues in delivering services to ...... Apply Now>>

26 Cardiovascular Disease - Cardiac Electrophysiology, Electrophysiology- Lexington, KY Lexington, KY, USA ... community Catholic Health Initiatives and its organizations are Equal Opportunity Employers... Apply Now>>

27 Registered Nurse Lexington, United States Nurse Manager - Community Living Center=====##### Department of Veterans AffairsVeterans Affairs, Veterans Health Administration##### Lexington, KY VAMCOverview----- ##### Open & closing dates05/16 ...... Apply Now>>

28 Network Telecommunications Administrator us Med Center Health is a not-for-profit health system with a mission to care for people and improve the quality of life in the communities we serve. Our integrated healthcare system includes hospitals ...... Apply Now>>

29 Registered Nurse (2) Jackson Co Home Health/Rockcastle Co Home Health Mount Vernon, KY, USA Completes review of medications; assesses pain management and need for health care equipment ... other community agencies. Develops/conducts educational counseling/teaching activities for the ...... Apply Now>>

30 Therapist/Counselor/Clinician PRN Radcliff, KY, USA ... business community. Ability to write speeches and articles for publication that conform to ... Company Description Universal Health Services, Inc. (UHS) is one of the nation's largest and most ...... Apply Now>>

31 Patient Financial Counselor Louisville, KY, USA Our professionals have been helping hospitals and other healthcare institutions become more efficient at serving their communities for years. The Patient Financial Counselor (PFC) will be responsible ...... Apply Now>>

32 Consumer Medication Coordinator Opportunities with Genoa Healthcare. A career with Genoa Healthcare means you're part of a collaborative effort to serve behavioral health and addiction treatment communities. We do more than just ...... Apply Now>>

33 Registered Nurse Geriatric Unit Weekend 7p-7a Sign-On Bonus $8,000 Radcliff, KY, USA Must have basis understanding of chemically dependent families and sources available in communities ... Lincoln Trail Behavioral Health System is a 140 bed hospital offering inpatient services for ...... Apply Now>>

34 Licensed Practical Nurse Lexington, KY, USA We take pride in achieving excellence and honoring our responsibility to deliver safe, effective and efficient healthcare services that better our communities. Join our team and experience a work ...... Apply Now>>

35 Orthopedic Surgery, New Orthopedic Opportunity in Western KY! Powderly, KY, USA Owensboro Health Muhlenberg Community Hospital has been serving the patients of Muhlenberg County since 1938 for their healthcare needs. We provide our community with excellent, quality care at our ...... Apply Now>>

36 Gastroenterology, Gastroenterology Job in Glasgow, KY Glasgow, KY, USA TJ Health Partners, the employed physician group of TJ Samson Community Hospital, is a 60+ provider, multi-specialty group based in Glasgow KY. TJHP is currently seeking a Board Certified/Board ...... Apply Now>>

37 Chief Financial Officer us Background The Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED) is a 43-year-old ... healthy and protected land, air and water, and an effective and accountable democracy. MACED is a ...... Apply Now>>

38 Urology, Urology practice Opportunity South Central KY Glasgow, KY, USA TJ Samson Community Hospital is currently recruiting a Urologist to join or employed physicians at TJ Health Partners. Practice: * Join other Employed physicians in TJ Pavilion. Surgery suites at TJ ...... Apply Now>>

39 Registered Nurse South Shore, United States Comply with HIPPA as this position may have access to protected health information * Study and take ... community members, volunteers and Diversicare team members * Possess special interest in, and a ...... Apply Now>>

40 Urology, New Urology Opportunity in KY! Owensboro, KY, USA BECOME A OWENSBORO HEALTH UROLOGIST When you are part of Owensboro Health's medical group, you ... Increasing need due to patient demand in a community of 120,000 and total service area of 17 ...... Apply Now>>

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