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Organization, NamePractice AddressPractice Phone  TaxonomyNPI
Agrawal, Dhruv Kumar MD110 Irving St Nw      Washington  DC 20010-2976202-877-6190207ZP0102X1659361186
Alcorn, Kirsten W MD110 Irving St Nw      Washington  DC 20010-2976202-877-6190207ZB0001X1902896434
Almira Suarez, Dr. Maria Isabel MD2100 Pennsylvania Ave Nw  Suite 5027, 5th Floor    Washington  DC 20037-3202202-994-3391207ZP0102X1184800666
Asare, Mariette Morley MD2041 Georgia Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20060-0001202-865-4833207ZP0102X1205155827
Baird-howell, Dr. Marilyn Angeli M.D.2100-w Pennsylvania Avenue Nw  5th Floor, Suite 5027    Washington  DC 20037202-994-3391207ZP0102X1275775611
Baker, Dr. Thomas Patrick M.D.6900 Georgia Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20307-0003202-782-7735207ZP0102X1689698698
Berkley, Dr. Christine Kunkel M.D.5255 Loughboro Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20016-2633202-537-4455207ZP0102X1376559229
Bovbel, Dr. Alexandra Alekseevna M.D.1150 Varnum St Ne      Washington  DC 20017-2104202-852-7254207ZP0102X1083877898
Brancaccio, Dr. Michael MD1150 Varnum St Ne  Pathology Department    Washington  DC 20017-2180202-269-7242207ZP0102X1740262930
Brister, Dr. Kathriel J. M.D.2041 Georgia Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20060-2520202-865-6100207ZP0102X1710114475
Burch-smith, Dr. Rhonda Abigail M.D.2041 Georgia Ave Nw  Room Bc04    Washington  DC 20060-0001202-865-4100207ZP0102X1972761948
Cermak, Therese Soballe MD3900 Reservoir Rd Nw  Med Dent Bldg Sw, Office 206    Washington  DC 20007-2126202-687-6680207ZP0102X1346480936
Chen, Dr. Wen M.D50 Lrving St Nw      Washington  DC 20422-0001202-745-8000207ZP0102X1346447620
Childrens Hospital111 Michigan Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20010-2916202-476-5000207ZP0102X1386806198
Chiricosta, Dr. Francis Michael MD6825 16th St Nw  Building 54, Room 1029    Washington  DC 20306-6000202-782-2260207ZB0001X1053334110
Chung, Dr. Luke S M.D6825 16th St Nw      Washington  DC 20306-0003202-782-3208207ZP0102X1962486456
Codispoti, Dr. Kari-elise Tryggestad MD111 Michigan Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20010-2916202-476-2051207ZP0102X1396996773
Cordaro, Dr. Daniel Vincent MDWalter Reed Army Medical Center  6900 Georgia Ave Nw    Washington  DC 20307-0001202-782-7745207ZP0102X1841261518
Datta, Anandita Ashoke M.D.6825 16th Street Nw      Washington  DC 20306202-782-2782207ZP0102X1922030477
Deng, Tom MD110 Irving St Nw      Washington  DC 20010-2976202-877-6190207ZP0102X1427048966
Diangelo, Dr. Constance R MD3808 Military Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20015-2704202-903-7998207ZP0102X1932699204
Dreiling, Dr. Jennifer L. M.D.1150 Varnum St Ne      Washington  DC 20017-2104202-854-7243207ZP0102X1922203009
Dufour, Dr. David Robert M.D.50 Irving St. N.w.  Veterans Affairs Medical Center - 11    Washington  DC 20422202-745-8000207ZP0102X1316032618
Easley, Dr. Samantha Elaine M.D.900 23rd St Nw      Washington  DC 20037-2342202-715-4665207ZP0102X1861603821
Epiarx4712 Windom Pl Nw      Washington  DC 20016-2406352-256-5726207SM0001X1699305540
Fidelia-lambert, Marie N MD2041 Georgia Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20060-0001202-806-6306207ZP0102X1699880112
Fleury, Dr. Thomas Aloysius M.D.5255 Loughboro Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20016-2633202-537-4455207ZP0102X1962529206
Franks, Dr. Teri J. M.D.6825 16th Street Nw      Washington  DC 20306-6000202-782-1781207ZP0102X1518942903
Garvin, David 3800 Reservoir Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-3614207ZP0102X1548252398
Godwin, Thomas A MD110 Irving St Nw      Washington  DC 20010-2976202-877-6190207ZP0102X1316937857
Greenspan, Dr. Renata B MD6825 16th St Nw      Washington  DC 20306-0003202-782-2111207ZP0102X1780668756
Hayden, Dr. Dennis Lindsey D.O.6825 16th St Nw      Washington  DC 20306-0003202-782-1783207ZP0102X1740264654
Hong, In Soon MD2041 Georgia Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20060-0001202-806-6306207ZP0102X1770698201
Hooke, Dr. Jeffrey Alan M.D.6900 Georgia Ave Nw  Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Bldg. 2, Ward 55    Washington  DC 20307-5001202-782-3459207ZP0102X1124126255
Huppmann, Alison M.D.111 Michigan Ave Nw  Division Of Anatomic Pathology    Washington  DC 20010-2916202-476-2051207ZH0000X1659679710
Johnson, Dr. Kathryn Marie M.D., PH.DArmed Forces Institute Of Pathology  Bldg 54, 6825 16th St Nw    Washington  DC 20306-0006202-782-2529207ZP0102X1184779944
Karcher, Dr. Donald Steven MD900 23rd St Nw      Washington  DC 20037-2342202-994-4665207ZH0000X1154437499
Kim, Bong K. MD6825 16th St Nw      Washington  DC 20306-0003202-782-2630207ZP0102X1437118312
Klappenbach, Dr. Robert Scott M.D.5255 Loughboro Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20016-2633202-537-4455207ZP0102X1326067216
Krishnan, Jayashree MD110 Irving St Nw      Washington  DC 20010-2976202-877-6190207ZH0000X1679563118
Kurella, Sreedevi M.D.1150 Varnum St Ne      Washington  DC 20017-2104202-854-7243207ZP0102X1669646477
Lack, Ernest E MD110 Irving St Nw      Washington  DC 20010-2976202-877-6190207ZP0102X1023008562
Latham, Patricia Suzanne MD900 23rd St Nw      Washington  DC 20037-2342202-994-3391207RI0008X1528174802
Lee, Wen MD110 Irving St Nw      Washington  DC 20010-2976202-877-6190207ZP0102X1184614299
Lee, Edward L MD2041 Georgia Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20060-0001202-806-6306207ZP0102X1992811426
Li, Eric MD1310 Southern Ave Se  1310 Southern Ave, Se    Washington  DC 20032-4623202-875-2838207ZP0102X1164419826
Liang, John Junshan MD110 Irving St Nw      Washington  DC 20010-3017202-877-6190207ZP0102X1487788808
Lichy, Dr. Jack Howard M.D., PH.D.Veterans Affairs Medical Ctr  50 Irving St Nw    Washington  DC 20422-0001202-745-8285207ZP0007X1407948102
Lucy Webb Hayes National Training School For Deaconsess & Missonaries5255 Loughboro Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20016-2695202-537-4680207ZP0102X1285685693
Marshalleck, Josephine MD2041 Georgia Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20060-0001202-865-1353207ZP0102X1063570778
Mcevoy, Peter 6825 16th St Nw      Washington  DC 20306-0003202-782-1827207ZM0300X1134103237
Monaghan, Dr. Timothy D. I M.D.6825 16th St Nw      Washington  DC 20306-0003202-391-2270207ZF0201X1912979667
Moncur, Dr. Joel T M.D.,PH.D.Walter Reed Army Medical Ctr  6900 Georgia Avenue Nw    Washington  DC 20307-0001202-782-5451207ZP0102X1871653642
Mukhtar, Dr. Faisal M.D.520 W St Nw  Room 2026    Washington  DC 20059-0001202-806-6306207ZP0102X1093973943
Naab, Tammey J MD2041 Georgia Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20060-0001202-806-6306207ZP0102X1184730525
Nguyen, Dr. Tan Thach MD, PHDWramc, Bldg 2, Dpals  6900 Georgia Ave. Nw    Washington  DC 20307-5001202-782-7745207ZP0102X1831227545
Paal, Dr. Edina Eszter M.D.50 Irving St Nw  Vamc, Department Of Pathology, Gb205    Washington  DC 20422-0001202-518-4619207ZP0102X1598868739
Padmanabha, Dr. Vani MD1150 Varnum St Ne  Pathology Department    Washington  DC 20017-2180202-269-7272207ZP0102X1003898206
Pathstar, P.c.110 Irving St Nw      Washington  DC 20010-2976202-877-6190207ZP0102X1508838632
Paul, Wendy M MD2041 Georgia Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20060-0001202-806-6306207ZP0102X1669588026
Prabha, Chandra A MD6825 16thst Nw      Washington  DC 20306-0001202-782-2726207ZD0900X1265534671
Przygodzki, Ronald Mieczyslaw MD810 Vermont Ave Nw  Ord10p9    Washington  DC 20420-0001202-443-5671207ZP0007X1134288517
Rao, Dr. Luigi Kuo Feng M.D., M.S.2 Walter Reed Amc Department  6900 Georgia Avenue, Nw    Washington  DC 20307-0001202-782-1017207ZP0102X1033269048
Reagin, Dr. David Earl M.D.1310 Southern Ave Se      Washington  DC 20032-4623202-574-6554207ZD0900X1174619522
Reyes, Dr. Christine Ann MD111 Michigan Ave  Children's National Medical Center; Division Of Anatomi    Washington  DC 20010202-476-2014207ZP0102X1780794032
Rodic, Nemanja M.D., PH.D.3605 38th St Nw  Apt#303    Washington  DC 20016-2922352-256-5728207ZP0102X1821231887
Sabnis, Dr. Sharda G. MD FCAPArmed Forces Inst. Of Pathology  14th & Alaska Ave. Nw    Washington  DC 20306-0001202-782-1711207ZP0102X1831173764
Santi, Mariarita MD111 Michigan Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20010-2978202-884-5000207ZP0102X1295895621
Schwartz, Dr. Arnold M. MD900 23rd St Nw      Washington  DC 20037-2342202-715-3391207ZP0102X1285740092
Selassie, Dr. Lulseged G MD1150 Varnum St Ne  Pathology Department    Washington  DC 20017-2180202-269-7242207ZP0102X1346222536
Shaffer, Dr. Margaret M MD5255 Loughboro Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20016-2633202-537-4455207ZP0102X1851507719
Shekar, Dr. Raj MD6825 16th Street Nw      Washington  DC 20306202-782-2753207ZP0102X1982688727
Shokrani, Babak MD2041 Georgia Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20060-0001202-806-6306207ZC0500X1861674269
Simon, Rochelle A MD900 23rd St Nw  Department Of Pathology    Washington  DC 20037-2342202-715-4665207ZP0102X1164515201
Stamatakos, Dr. Michael Deane M.D.Armed Forces Institute Of Patholo  14th & Alaska Ave Nw    Washingon  DC 20854-3525202-782-1602207ZP0102X1437202157
Strum, Dr. Daniel George M.D.6825 16th St Nw      Washington  DC 20306-0003202-782-2855207ZP0102X1184711079
Taddesse-heath, Lekidelu MD2041 Georgia Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20060-0001202-806-6306207ZP0102X1336255710
Tata, Dr. Mona Y M.D.6825 16th St Nw      Washington  DC 20306-0003202-782-2100207ZP0102X1528073954
Varallo, Dr. Marisa R. MD1150 Varnum St Ne  Department Of Pathology    Washington  DC 20017-2104202-269-7000207ZP0102X1285965806
Wieneke, Dr. Jacqueline Ann M.D.6825 16th St Nw      Washington  DC 20306202-782-2783207ZP0102X1134103138
Winecoff, Dr. William Franklin Iii M.D.6825 16th St Nw      Washington  DC 20306-0003202-782-2762207ZP0102X1295719433
Wu, Xiaojun M.D., PHD2120 L St Nw  2nd Floor, Suite 200    Washington  DC 20037-1527202-677-6600207ZP0102X1497958896
Xing, Dongmei 900 23rd St Nw      Washington  DC 20037-2342202-667-6600207ZP0102X1962776278


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