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Aggarwal, Anita DO110 Irving St Nw  Suite 2a38    Washington  DC 20010-2976202-865-3290207RH0003X1891740726
Ahlgren, James MD2150 Pennsylvania Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20037-3201202-741-2210207RH0003X1942273941
Aragon-ching, Jeanny B. M.D.2150 Pennsylvania Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20037-3201202-741-2480207RH0003X1376701946
Arcenas, Dr. Anthony Gerard M.D.50 Irving St Nw      Washington  DC 20422-0001202-745-4058207RH0003X1821109547
Arora, Dr. Puja Chokshi M.D.110 Irving St Nw  Department Of Internal Medicine    Washington  DC 20010-3017202-877-8278207RH0003X1154766533
Asatiani, Ekatherine 3800 Reservoir Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-2198207RH0003X1639177736
Ascensao, Joao M.D., PH.D.V A Medical Ctr # 151g  50 Irving Street Nw    Washington  DC 20422-0001202-745-8134207RH0003X1144311143
Barrett, Dr. Austin John MD2150 Pennsylvania Avenue Nw  Mfa Gwu    Washington  DC 20037202-741-2478207RH0003X1427474097
Broome, Dr. Catherine M MD3800 Reservoir Rd  Lombardi Cancer Center Podium B    Washington  DC 20037-2113202-444-8154207RH0003X1669470985
Capitol Health Management Services, Llc1160 Varnum St Ne  Suite 317    Washington  DC 20017-2107202-636-1131133NN1002X1285823542
Capitol Health Services Pc1160 Varnum St Ne  Suite 317    Washington  DC 20017-2107202-636-1130207R00000X1841509585
Catlett, Joseph P. MD110 Irving St Nw  Suite 2a38    Washington  DC 20010-2976202-877-2848207RH0003X1295788263
Cheson, Bruce David 3800 Reservoir Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-2198207RH0003X1992703862
Chitalia, Ms. Ami M.D.3800 Reservoir Rd Nw  Department Of Hematology/oncology    Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-7094207RH0003X1083939102
Cohen, Philip 3800 Reservoir Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-8830207RH0003X1033117197
Collins, Dr. Julie Marie M.D.3800 Reservoir Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-2223207RH0003X1134562069
Cunningham, Dr. Julia Marie M.D.3800 Reservoir Rd Nw  Department Of Hematology/oncology    Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-0198207R00000X1487949335
Cyril A Allen Md Llc1328 Southern Ave Se  202    Washington  DC 20032-4689202-574-6141207RH0003X1689979437
Dal Yoo Md Llc1140 Varnum St Ne  Suite 102    Washington  DC 20017-2151202-269-7517207RH0003X1710240114
Deeken, John Frederick 3800 Reservoir Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-2198207RH0003X1659390755
Doukas, Dr. Michael Aristides M.D., M.P.A.810 Vermont Ave Nw  Rm 664    Washington  DC 20420-0001202-461-7163207RH0003X1407968829
Drs Adelson And Ginsberg Pc1145 19th St Nw Suite 506      Washington  DC 20036202-296-2180207RH0003X1649365065
Fitzpatrick, Kelly West MD110 Irving St Nw      Washington  DC 20010-3017202-877-2843207RH0003X1083860944
Fox, Dr. Henry B M.D.2440 M St Nw  Suite 606    Washington  DC 20037-1497202-296-2440207RH0003X1396810578
Gallagher, Dr. Christopher M M.D.6900 Georgia Ave Nw  Hematology-oncology Service, Bldg 2. Ward 78    Washington  DC 20307-0003202-782-4350207RH0003X1467430579
Gramza, Dr. Ann Wild M.D.3800 Reservoir Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-1558207RH0003X1760690069
Hankin, Amy Rosenberg 3800 Reservoir Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-2198207RH0003X1861424434
Harminder S Sethi Md Pa1160 Varnum St Ne  #215    Washington  DC 20017-2107202-636-9090207RH0003X1982844809
Haroun, Faysal M.D.2150 Pennsylvania Ave Nw Ste 5-404      Washington  DC 20037-3201202-741-2222207RH0003X1598078990
Hassan, Mukhtar MD2041 Georgia Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20060-0001202-865-6625207RH0003X1609929066
He, Aiwu Ruth 3800 Reservoir Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-2198207RH0003X1942306360
Herbolsheimer, Pia Maarit MD110 Irving St Nw      Washington  DC 20010-3017202-877-7000207RH0003X1174761795
Honig, Dr. Susan Lee Flamm M.D.3800 Reservoir Road Nw      Washington  DC 20007202-444-0848207RH0003X1184841330
Horton, Sara MD1160 Varnum St Ne      Washington  DC 20017202-269-7000207RH0003X1346278553
Huerta, Dr. Elmer E. MD2150 Pennsylvania Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20037-3201202-741-2210207RH0003X1386699734
Ingham, Jane 3800 Reservoir Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-1781207RH0003X1396721528
Isaacs, Claudine 3800 Reservoir Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-3677207RH0003X1164414751
Kaltman, Rebecca Davidson MD2150 Pennsylvania Ave Nw  Suite 1-200    Washington  DC 20037-3201202-741-2210207RH0003X1548362700
Kessler, Craig 3800 Reservoir Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-2223207RH0003X1356340517
Kim, Dr. George Paik M.D.2150 Pennsylvania Ave Nw Ste 8-416      Washington  DC 20037-3201202-741-2478207RH0003X1316936040
Kim, Chul 3970 Reservoir Rd Nw  2nd Floor Lombardi, Pod B Hallway, Rm 417    Washington  DC 20007617-775-7096207RH0003X1841586302
Koprivnikar, Dr. Jamie Lynn M.D.3800 Reservoir Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-7243207R00000X1295994614
Kressel, Dr. Bruce R. M.D.2141 K St Nw  Suite 707    Washington  DC 20037-1810202-293-5382207RH0003X1497861025
Krol, Dr. Danielle N MD900 23rd St Nw      Washington  DC 20037202-715-4000207R00000X1346595683
Lai, Dr. Dominic Wancheung M.D.3800 Reservoir Rd Nw  5 Phc    Washington  DC 20007-2113626-348-1181207R00000X1346440518
Lai, Dr. Catherine M.D., M.P.H.3800 Reservoir Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-2223207RH0003X1417123969
Lester M. Miles, Md Pc1160 Varnum St Ne  Suite 306    Washington  DC 20017-2107202-269-2011207RH0003X1194997049
Luis A Heffess, Md, Pc1160 Varnum St Ne  Suite # 112    Washington  DC 20017-2107202-526-2090207RH0003X1558552810
Madan, Dr. Ravi Amrit M.D.450 Massachusetts Ave Nw  #608    Washington  DC 20001-6200973-722-4058207RH0003X1588877096
Mahmood, Laviza MD315 8th St Ne      Washington  DC 20002-6107202-543-8068207RH0003X1093705972
Malik, Shakun MD3800 Reservoir Rd Nw  Lcc    Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-2198207RH0003X1124027768
Manchandani, Raj Pal MD2041 Georgia Ave Nw  Howard University Hospital    Washington  DC 20060-0001202-865-6100207R00000X1639387384
Marshall, John Lindsay 3800 Reservoir Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-2223207RH0003X1316935844
Martin, Dr. Norman Joseph M.D.Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Oncology Clinic  6900 Georgia Ave. N.w.    Washington  DC 20307-0001202-782-5744207RH0003X1811955495
Mauro, Lauren A M.D.2150 Pennsylvania Ave Nw  Suite 1-200    Washington  DC 20037-3201202-741-2210207RH0003X1457536344
Mcknight, John Edward M.D.106 Irving St., Nw  Suite 2200n    Washington  DC 20010202-459-6740207RH0003X1629081963
Medina, Dr. Adriana M.D.2041 Georgia Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20060-0001202-865-6100207RH0003X1316104136
Mirsky, Harold M.D.730 24th St Nw  Suite 7    Washington  DC 20037-2543202-338-5050207RH0003X1093734402
Mobarek, Dr. Dalia Abdelaziz M.D.50 Irving St Nw      Washington  DC 20422-0001202-745-8000207R00000X1821262973
Mohapatra, Dr. Avani Shah MD110 Irving St Nw  Room C-2149    Washington  DC 20010-3017202-877-6894207RH0003X1285879171
Mondzac, Allen M.D.2150 Pennsylvania Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20037-3201202-741-3333207RH0003X1912076787
Natrajan, Kavita MD2150 Pennsylvania Ave Nw  Ste 8-416    Washington  DC 20037-3201202-741-2227207RH0003X1174632111
Nunes, Maria Raquel MD110 Irving St Nw      Washington  DC 20010-3017202-877-2848207RH0003X1679740252
Oneal, Patricia A MD2041 Georgia Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20060-0001202-865-6625207RH0003X1093928335
Ozer, Dr. Byram MD5255 Loughboro Rd Nw Fl 1      Washington  DC 20016-2633202-660-6500207RH0003X1326335985
Panzer, Marissa NP5255 Loughboro Rd Nw Bldg B      Washington  DC 20016-2633202-660-6500207RH0003X1841768124
Patel, Dr. Nihar Kiritkumar M.D.900 23rd St Nw      Washington  DC 20037-2342202-715-4000207RH0003X1528228921
Peravali, Monica 110 Irving St Nw Ste 6a-126      Washington  DC 20010202-877-5280207RH0003X1629464904
Perlin, Elliott M.D.2150 Pennsylvania Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20037-3201202-741-3333207RH0003X1487723151
Perry, David J. MD110 Irving St Nw  Suite 2a38    Washington  DC 20010-2976202-877-2844207RH0003X1992752992
Philips, Dr. George K MBBS, MD, MPH3800 Reservoir Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-2198207RH0003X1558455378
Pohlmann, Paula Raffin M.D.3800 Reservoir Rd Nw  Lccc, Podium C    Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-4655207R00000X1013064823
Priebat, Dennis A. MD110 Irving St Nw  Suite 2a38    Washington  DC 20010-2976202-877-2505207RH0003X1881648053
Rahmat, Dr. Leena T M.D.5255 Loughboro Rd Nw Fl 1      Washington  DC 20016-2633202-660-6500207R00000X1962799957
Rapisuwon, Dr. Suthee M.D.110 Irving St Nw  Suite C2149    Washington  DC 20010-3017202-687-8901207RH0003X1275723199
Rickles, Frederick M.D.2150 Pennsylvania Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20037-3201202-741-3333207RH0003X1760551006
Sacks, Dr. Thomas L M.D.3301 New Mexico Ave Nw  350    Washington  DC 20016-3622202-362-4467207RH0003X1851459283
Sarma, Dr. Ravi P M.D.2041 Georgia Ave Nw Ste 5100      Washington  DC 20060202-865-6625207RH0003X1578670600
Scher, Dr. Nancy S. M.D.50 Irving St Nw  Medical Service/hematology    Washington  DC 20422-0001202-745-8134207RH0003X1487746848
Schwarsin, Alexandria M.D.2150 Pennsylvania Ave Nw  Suite 1-200    Washington  DC 20037-3201202-741-2478207R00000X1730335209
Seam, Pamela M.D.700 2nd St Ne  Kaiser Permanente Capitol Hill Center    Washington  DC 20002-8100202-346-3700207RH0003X1740501766
Sewaralthahab, Sarah 110 Irving St Nw      Washington  DC 20010-3017202-877-2824207RH0003X1548688245
Shah, Neil J M.D.3800 Reservoir Rd Nw  Department Of Hematology/oncology    Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-0198207RH0003X1194084053
Shenoy, Aarthi Ganesh MD110 Irving St Nw # 2a38      Washington  DC 20010-3017202-877-2844207RH0003X1457503583
Siegel, Robert Steven M.D.2150 Pennsylvania Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20037-3201202-741-3333207RH0003X1003985367
Smartbridge Inc1301 M St Nw  Suite 818    Washington  DC 20005-4201917-721-3644207RH0003X1982138335
Smith, Karen Lisa MD110 Irving St Nw # 2a38      Washington  DC 20010-2976202-877-2829207RH0003X1457360349
Tabbara, Imad A. M.D.2150 Pennsylvania Ave Nw      Washington  DC 20037-3201202-741-2222207RH0003X1184794414
Tiwari, Shruti Rakesh MD110 Irving St Nw Ste C2149      Washington  DC 20010-3017(85-5) -546-1686207RH0003X1124346028
Verma, Dr. Pramvir Singh M.D.Walter Reed Army Med. Cntr, Dept. Hematology/oncol  6900 Georgia Avenue, N.w.    Washington  DC 20307-0001202-782-5747207RH0003X1609854660
Vongkovit, Dr. Piyapong MD700 2nd St Ne      Washington  DC 20002-8100202-346-3700207RH0003X1033114996
Warren, Robert 3800 Reservoir Rd Nw      Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-2223207RH0003X1568461598
Washington Hospital Center Corp110 Irving St Nw  2a38    Washington  DC 20010-2976200-877-2848207RG0100X1518909340
Weinberg, Dr. Benjamin Adam M.D.3800 Reservoir Rd Nw  Department Of Medicine    Washington  DC 20007-2113202-444-8168207RH0003X1598064941
Yoo, Dr. Dal M.D.1140 Varnum St Ne  Ste 102    Washington  DC 20017-2151202-636-3811207RH0003X1063564532


1 Internal Medicine Reserve Washington, DC, USA As an Internal Medicine Physician on the U.S. Army health care team, you'll diagnose and treat localized ailments and diseases, conduct and supervise direct patient care, execute disease prevention ...... Apply Now>>

2 Internal Medicine Physician Washington, DC, USA Happy Doctors - Healthy Patients Team is looking for you! AllCare is an established, well regarded, high-end multi-location Primary Care Group. Our clinics are in a vibrant, multicultural urban ...... Apply Now>>

3 Physician Washington, DC, USA We are looking for a determined and motivated Board-Certified Physician to join our team at a busy, fast-paced internal medicine office located in Bethesda, MD. We invite healthcare professionals who ...... Apply Now>>

4 FAMILY MEDICINE PHYSICIAN Reserve Washington, DC, USA As a Family Medicine Physician on the U.S. Army Reserve health care team, , you'll help conserve the U.S. Armys fighting strength during humanitarian missions, contingency operations and peacetime by ...... Apply Now>>

5 Certified Medical Assistant Washington, DC, USA Concierge Internal Medicine practice in northwest Washington DC seeking a certified medical assistant to function as member of a team with a focus on patient care and customer service. Job requires ...... Apply Now>>

6 Shift Coordinator (RN) (11a-11p/ 1p-1a)- Emergency Medicine and Trauma Center Washington, DC, USA Emergency Medicine and Trauma Services (EMTC) is a tertiary care, Level 1 trauma center located on the first floor of the Sheikh Zayed Campus on Michigan Ave NW. The EMTC-Sheikh Zayed Campus is ...... Apply Now>>

7 Senior Physician Executive Washington, DC, USA ... internal and external stakeholders to influence and execute clinical vision, objectives, and ... MD or Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine from an accredited academic institution or comparable ...... Apply Now>>

8 Nurse Practitioner Washington, DC, USA Its main focus is to provide personalized care in era of ever growing commercialism in field of medicine. It believes in providing comprehensive care utilizing different available resources... Apply Now>>

9 Ambulatory Nurse Coordinator (Surgical & Thoracic Clinic) Washington, DC, USA Internal contacts necessary to effectively explain and interpret information for others inside the ... C., region, while advancing the practice of medicine through education, innovation and research... Apply Now>>

10 Apheresis Nurse Pediatrics Washington, DC, USA ... Medicine. Additional opportunities include participating in internal/external committees and professional organizations, and participating in the performance improvement process with the Apheresis ...... Apply Now>>

11 Pharmacist Clinical I Washington, DC, USA Internal contacts necessary to effectively explain and interpret information for others inside the ... C., region, while advancing the practice of medicine through education, innovation and research... Apply Now>>

12 Pharmacist Clinical II Washington, DC, USA Internal contacts necessary to effectively advise, consult or counsel others to gain cooperation ... C., region, while advancing the practice of medicine through education, innovation and research... Apply Now>>

13 Sales Manager - Department of Defense (DOD) Account - Remote (WFH) Washington, DC, USA Interfaces with the Sales team, internal and external stakeholders (prime or subcontractors ... Knowledge of DOD challenges and roadmap for Operational Medicine also preferred. * Familiarity with ...... Apply Now>>

14 Senior Director, MCAT Program Washington, DC, USA ... school and practicing medicine. In service to the AAMC's member medical schools, the Senior ... Collaborate with the internal partners regarding the development of new tools and assessments for ...... Apply Now>>

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